9 children then a Master’s Degree

Despite having nine children and a full-time job, Manutai Leaupepe was still able to find time to study for a Master’s degree. Find out how she earned her degree with the support of her family. At 7am on 14 January 2008, Manutai Leaupepe phoned her eldest son in tears. “It’s an emergency,” she sobbed, as […]

She worked for Chuck – Charles Schwab

In 1972, I graduated from UC Davis with a degree in English. By July I had not been able to find a job so I signed up with an employment agency in San Francisco. That afternoon, a Thursday, they sent me out to interview for a job as a receptionist in an office on Montgomery […]

Sudha Murthy – she did break the glass ceiling!

It was probably the April of 1974. Bangalore was getting warm and gulmohars were blooming at the IISc campus. I was the only girl in my postgraduate department and was staying at the ladies’ hostel. Other girls were pursuing research in different departments of Science. I was looking forward to going abroad to complete a doctorate in […]

Sure, I grabbed the opportunity

I was in the train and reaching my destination to meet the tax official to discuss a write off for my failed business venture (it had happened a few years back, but luckily I was not unemployed at that time). At the door of the train I met an old friend after years. We exchanged […]

Market Research and not Sales

As an engineering student in the 80’s I had no clue that there were summer jobs available (other than engineering internships). I will back home for the summer vacation and a friend told me about doing Market Research for an ad agency. I was kicked about going to a big ad agency office and more […]

Computer Production Engineer – Trainee

This is flash back to 1985… The IBM PC had not yet hit the market… NF2EZJJ34UMQ